This is the new DT307 amplifer from Mistral and it comes with Bluetooth functionality. This means that you can play music wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. It's simple to set up and easy to use.

In all other respects, the Mistral DT307B iPod Amplifier is the same as it's predecessor the DT 307A. It's designed to be a budget Hi Fi amplifier as well a key iPod system component. Build quality is second to none - It boasts a thick, brushed aluminium facia and steel body and utilises high quality internal componentry. It has an effortlessly smooth and dynamic sound. As a hybrid valve / transistor amplifier, it makes the most of the mix of the two technologies - the valve preamp gives it the signature valve qualities of smoothness, openess, transparency and warmth whilst the transistor power amp instills the music with drive, energy and power. The end result is quite outstanding for a $599 amplifier! And it's very flexible too. In addition to bluetooth functionality, it comes with 2 x RCA phono inputs, and a 3.5mm input jack.


In Issue number 168, 'Fedelta del Suono’, an Italian Hi fi Magazine said of the DT 307A Amplifier -

‘The soundstage is deep, very three dimensional, well balanced and open' and that used in combination with the DT307S speakers...'The overall performance is quite outstanding. It is clearly superior compared to other systems of a similar level, given the quality of the speakers and the connectivity offered… the form of the speakers and classic look of the amp will also capture an audience that is attracted by their aesthetics.’

At the Home Entertainment Show in Manchester, October 2011, Mistral Valve Amplifiers made a huge impact! Check it out here.

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