Hybrid Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth 4.0 & Headphone Out

Power Output: 2 x 25W, Class A/B
AC Power: 110V or 220V~240V 50/60Hz
Signal/Noise ratio: > 80dB
Inputs: RCA, Bluetooth v4.0
Headphone Impedance: 32-320Ω
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The MM-1B integrated amplifier offers impressive powerful sound. Thanks to its hybrid design (2 x 6P15, 2 x 6N1 vacuum tubes) it provides richness of sound synonymous with pure valve amplification. 
A built-in headphone output is a perfect choice for those who prefer discrete listening. 
If someone is looking for a small sound system for a 30sqm room and wants it to be able not only to sound (and look) attractive, but also to be multifunctional.... the choice of MM-1B seems to be a reasonable and completely legitimate.
Mistral offers plenty of features, and also provides a very musically pleasant colorful sound and nice appearance and pretty good energy. Besides, it is very attractively priced...
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