Mistral History

ADS born in 1985 in UK by electrical engineer David Hopkins as his own enterprise—with the name of Rip At Private Company which specialized in the design and manufacture of audio products. After five years of development, the company was reorganized into a limited company in 1990. As a major shareholder, Mr. David took up the post of board chairman. Meanwhile, the company was renamed as Audio Design Services Co., Ltd. (ADS) specializing the design and manufacture of high quality audio products, professional audio systems, public broadcasting teaching systems, and automobile audio systems.
In year-2000, company made decision of shifting the manufacturing processes to China. And finally, in April 2002, ADS Chinese Company-- David Audio Design & Manufacture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established with the approval of Shenzhen People’s Government; as the ADS China Manufacturing Base in Shenzhen.
This cooperation model between Chinese audio industry and British audio industry is actually a perfect blend of design, technology and high quality production.
With many years experience, ADS cooperates with the global giants and grows everyday with the beat of China’s rocketing development in the past decade. Now it becomes one of the largest speaker maker with the advanced instruments, technology and ideas in China. Today, ADS has accumulated rich designing and manufacturing experience to provide the best audio solutions to China and many overseas markets.
Mistral—wholly-owned British brand recommended by British Consulate.
Mistral is a registered trademark in Britain and China. As a loudspeaker brand owned by ADS, it means “warm wind from the sea”, and is widely recommended by Britain for it is a symbol of luckiness.
With professional quality and innovative design, Mistral has won the “European Loudspeaker Award” from European Loudspeaker Association, the “Contribution Award” of British Loudspeaker Manufacturers (a magazine), the “Best Home Theatre Award” of British Home Theatre (a magazine), and the “Innovative Design Award” of America Chicago Consumer Electronics Fair. It is loved by modern families of 33 countries over the world, and is selected as one of the most competitive brand in the industry.
Today, Mistral is recommended by “British Loudspeaker Association” and “Commercial Office of British Consulate-General Guangzhou” to China.
We believe in that it will be welcomed by everybody and will be a fashion for professional Hi-Fi systems.
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